giovedì 26 marzo 2009

Just an Years ago.

To American People, Ventura's and Ms White

Click on the images to enlarge and read them:

An illogical and impossible crime: the alleged and never existed damages.

The Bathroom wall : in the photo presented at the trial with the alleged victim is White. In reality was yellow.

The photos: on the left there is the photo presented at the trial by Rebecca McKay White and Ventura County. It was suppoused to be taken the night of the alleged sexual assault. On the right there's a photo taken by the police 18 days after the alleged assoult. In this photo She was years older than the first one, with different hair color and lenght. There's a report made by a forensic photographer that demonstrate beyond every doubt that the photo on the left could not be taken in the bathroom of Carlo's house.

Another fake evidences build by Rebecca Mckay White: this diary was given to Carlo on a Focus event on June 2002 and it's provable. She wrote on it statement of.. January 2002. WTF?????

Rebecca McKay White said that Carlo raped her after 4 liters of Chardonnay. A blood alcohol content of 0,60 would kill everybody. It is impossible thinking that a man can have multiple erections after this amount of wine!!

Rebecca McKay White said:
-that Carlo put her head against the cork bulletin ward wall 30 times: no damages, no blood.
-that He showed her pornographic material: computer was not analized
-that their bed was full of blood everywhere: no blood at all.

Illegal extradition. The following statement was hiding:
Rebecca McKay White said
-that She was been bound for 5 night, and during the day was free to move
- in the meanwhile is was searching a job and a new apparment instead of calling the police(remebre during the day time She said She was free
-The police find NO BRUISES ON HER, no hurm, they also told her to do a med legal exam to prove her statement.

Perjury! Perjury! Check this leaflets: She didn't report him cause She said that Carlo was able to register her telephone conversation and fax. WTF????????

It's technically impossible due to the technical composition of computer and telephone line!!!

Other perjuries of the alleged victim. But how does it work Ventura County district Attorney Office???? And Ventura County Court????
There are no evidences against Carlo... why does They believed in a choppy and psychopathic woman???

Now, I know that the main character of this farce trial, the "alleged victim" sometimes come here and to other blogs which speak about Carlo, to check how's going life for Carlo, maybe worried about the fact that a lot of people are fighting for him and help him have finally justice. She's maybe worried to lose all the benefits She has now. I don't Know, but I can say a thing.

I will never stop myself fighting for giving back to Carlo his life. Remember this carefully.

And to the other americans, most of all Ventura's: Check all this stuff. It's true life. An innocent man is in prison, and You Know it. Do something to push all this shit right. And free Carlo.

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