giovedì 3 aprile 2008

The hunger strike of Carlo Parlanti

It's actually the 5th day of hunger strike of Carlo Parlanti. His soul is still strong and bright, but now, the illness linked to the hunger strike, united to his general physical conditions, are leaving their marks on his tired body.

He's strong and sweet as usual, but He's also very tired. He doesn't undestrand the silence from our insititutions. He doesn't understand why, despite all the evidences of his innocence, nothing has chanced in the last months.

He's right with himself. He thinks that his hunger strike is necessary. But obviously, We are very worried for is life.

I wonder what is doing the bitch who created all this shit. There will be a day in which Carlo will have finally justice. And that day We'll laugh a lot, cause She'll be in prison.

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Blogger stella erratica ha detto...

verissimo. sottoscrivo.

3 aprile 2008 13:09


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